Vibroaction Vibrating Belt

Vibroaction-Vibrating BeltVibrating belt - well known as Vibro Slim - is an Abbs vibrating belt but

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  •  5 levels of intensity
  •  automatic or manual mode
  • control remote control
  • ergonomics and sports design
  • contents of the box: remote, user manual, measuring tape 

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Vibroaction-Vibrating Belt

Vibrating belt - well known as Vibro Slim - is an Abbs vibrating belt but can also be used for the whole body. With Vibroaction, you will cut down the overweight areas of your body in a few minutes a day.

Its repeated vibrations at very high speed make it possible to burn fat effectively. You will strengthen and make your whole body firm and in good shape, within 50days with relative ease.

All you do is to put on your Vibroaction belt  and let it do the rest effectively thanks to oscillating vibration technology.

Vibroaction belt has 5 levels of intensity so its users can control exercises to their desire, automatic or manual mode, and it also has a remote control.

Its Ergonomics and sporty design makes it one of the most successful slim vibrator in the industry, with on-point oscillating vibrations can be used for massage, but most commonly used for weight loss.

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