LG - CL87 Minicomponente LG XBOOM CL87 - 1 Year Warranty.

The LG XBOOM CL87 offers superb sound with powerful bass. Make all the dealers dance to the latest m

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  • Power: 2350 watts
  • USB: 2
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • Automatic DJ: Yes
  • LED rhythmic lights: Yes
  • LED subwoofer lights: NO
  • Horizontal console: Yes
  • Party + Accelerator: Yes
  • Synchronization with TV: Yes
  • DJ loop: Yes
  • Folder browser: Yes
  • Wireless party link: Yes
  • Main unit (cm): 45 x 16.7 x 33.2
  • Speakers (each) (cm): 32 x 45.4 x 30.9
  • Weight Kg: 24.4

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The LG XBOOM CL87 offers superb sound with powerful bass. Make all the dealers dance to the latest music.

The colored lights move to the beat of the music, adding excitement and creating a real festive atmosphere.

Have fun with a variety of DJ sound effects straight from your smartphone.

Choose your own sound and slide the accelerator forward. Listen to the sound until it reaches its peak with an explosion of sound and lighting.

Singing is easy and fun with Voice Changer, which reduces the voice in the song and Key Changer, which adjusts the tone of your voice with music.

Connect the CL87 to your LG TV via Bluetooth to enjoy more impressive sound with your favorite content.

Pair up to 3 devices with the CL87 via Bluetooth. Easily control a playlist with your friends, without interrupting the music.

Choose from a variety of connection options, including Bluetooth, 2 USB ports, CD and FM radio

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